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Bathroom Wall Towel Rack

Product information: Color: Chrome Specification: 40X7cm Material: ABS Maximum load: 15kg Style: hook with more than three rows Packing list:

UV Toothbrush Automatic Sterilizer Rack

Overview: 1. Perfect streamlined design, fine workmanship, various color options, and environmentally friendly and hygienic materials are your good choices!

5 In 1 Multifunctional Electric Shaver

Overview: A waterproof design Can be used in the bathroom dry or wet shaving, You can use it with shaving

Wall Mounted Toothbrush UV Sterilizer and Toothpaste Dispenser

Overview: Purple light disinfection: place the toothbrush in the UV disinfectant holder. Purple light disinfection can kill 99.99% of toothbrush

Electric Vacuum Dead Skin Remover

Overview: 1. Work fast and smooth along your skin gently, easy to use, and will not hurt your skin. 2.